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where the best live storytelling in Las Vegas happens.

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Mom's Basement Theatre
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Here's our story

Kristi McKay and Holly VanDreumel are writers, storytellers, and improvisers (and many other amazing things that aren't as relevant here.)

One evening after performing improv together, Kristi and Holly expressed their common desire to finish
in-progress writing projects as well as start new ones. Wanting a warm and inviting space to share with fellow storytellers, they created the Around the Campfire show!

man and woman with bone fire sitting on seashore
man and woman with bone fire sitting on seashore

It's never the same show twice


noun. The theme we assign to each month to spark each of our performer's imagination to tell their true story.

MAY 31
Is your dad your hero? Or, is he missing from your life? Maybe you have an amazing story about being a dad yourself. Tell us.

June 28
More info to come soon

This month we will be bringing back our favorite stories of the last year. Please plan to attend this special night of the most beloved stories and the amazing storytellers who presented them. More details about this night to come.

[ kind-ling ]

Are you the person who has oodles of luck to spare, or is your luck drier than Lake Mead? Tell us all about it.

Tell us your most sultry, thrilling, or humorous story of how you wooed a mate - and whether or not it worked.

Participate in a show

To participate, send us a 2-3 sentence pitch inspired by that month's kindling.

If you are selected, you will write your true 6-8 minute story to read (or perform) in front of a live audience. Everyone is encouraged to send us a pitch, no matter your storytelling experience.

If you are chosen to participate, we will contact you via email one month before the show date - to confirm and get a small bio.

If we have booked our storytellers for that month, don't worry, we always create a back-up list incase someone has to give their spot up, so we will contact you to give you this option.

Show dates and kindlings:

MAY 31 : DAD


Does my story have to be 100% true?

YES. Your voice matters. This is a show about your personal journeys, learnings, and experiences, so don’t feel the need to embellish. We want to hear the truth from your point of view.

What should I write about?

Check out our Kindling section. Each month we assigned a word for you to use as inspiration, but don’t let that word stump you. You are free to use it literally or figuratively.

For instance, if our next month’s kindling was BUS, you could write about your bus rides, what a bus symbolizes to you, how a bus makes you feel, or a friendship you formed on a bus ride. Maybe you always wanted to drive a bus, but you were too scared to try, or was there a social status based on where you sat on your school bus? Maybe you saw a photo of a double-decker bus and that inspired you to travel the world. It’s up to you.

How much must I write to have a 6-8 minute story?

Write your story to be between 780 to 1020 words, but then practice reading it out loud and time yourself. Make sure to add pauses to look at the audience and to give the audience time to react. You can always add more or cut words if needed, but remember that on average people talk a little faster when they are nervous.

How will I know when I'm at 8 minutes if I'm performing?

We have a light system that helps you with this during the show.

What happens at the 8-minute mark if I’m not done with my story?

Ugh… we hate this part, but we will have to pull the lights down on you. There is another show scheduled after ours and we have no choice. Sorry in advance if this happens to you. Please don’t make us do this!!!

Do I have to memorize my story or can I read it?

This is entirely up to you. Some people love the process of writing, but not the thought of memorizing, so they read the story. Others want to make this a performance. Whichever way you choose to tell your story - make sure you PRACTICE!!!

fire in the middle of rocks
fire in the middle of rocks

So, you're an upcoming performer. Now what?

A Workshop with Richard Munchkin

Introduction to Personal Narrative Storytelling Workshop


EVERYONE has a story to tell. A story that has the power to move, to inspire, to make people laugh or cry. In this class, you will learn the art of personal narrative storytelling. We will explore and find interesting stories that you didn't even know you had. We will discuss the elements of a well-told story, from the selection of a topic to the use of language and pacing. And we will practice our storytelling skills so that by the end you will be able to take the stage and share your story with confidence.

By the end of the class, you will be able to:

  • Identify the elements of a well-told personal narrative

  • Select a topic for your story and develop a clear narrative arc

  • Use language to paint a vivid picture of your experience

  • Pace your story effectively to keep your audience engaged

  • Deliver your story with confidence and conviction

This class is for anyone who has the desire to share their story. Whether you are a writer, a speaker, or simply someone who enjoys sharing your experiences, this class will help you develop your storytelling skills. The final date will culminate in a class showcase.

DATES: January 14, 21, 28
TIME: 3pm - 5pm
COST: $75

Sign-up today - space is limited.

Richard Munchkin spent his professional life in two worlds, show business, and professional gambling. Both these careers led to a story or two. He has performed in Moth slams all across the US, and was featured on the storytelling podcast, "Risk." He is the host of the podcast, "Life is a Gamble," and the author of "Gambling Wizards." He's also been a storyteller for Around the Campfire many times.